The Video Guide To Females Farting On Film

The average human farts 14 times a day, yet it's rare for women to be portrayed as gassy in pop culture. To debunk the widely-held (male) myth that "girls don't fart," we present a comprehensive reel of female fart scenes.

Of the 18 different instances of female farting that we included in this compilation, all of them are used for comic relief, with most being in the "broad humor" category (many of these clips are from Wayans brothers' movies). Still, there are some surprises—did you know there's a fart scene in Yentl?


My friends and I started this thing where we say "Opa!" when we fart. It started as a way to acknowledge the silent-but-deadly ones in mixed company but has expanded to even being used to punctuate the loud ones. I think for a while we were saying "Ole!" after loud burps but that wasn't as fun.