The Vaccine Is Coming, Which Is Good

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At the risk of conjecture, I think a covid-19 vaccine would be good. That’s why I am very happy about the fact that we might have one authorized and ready to distribute by the end of this coming week, personally.


Trump administration officials announced a possible rollout schedule for what could be the first vaccine in use, The New York Times reports—pending whatever happens at drug manufacturer Pfizer’s emergency use authorization hearing with the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday.

If all goes as hoped, distribution of Pfizer’s vaccine could start as early as next weekend with the first doses reaching elderly residents of long-term care facilities somewhere between late December and early January, Operation Warp Speed chief science advisor Moncef Slaoui said. Drug manufacturer Moderna has also submitted a vaccine for emergency use authorization by the FDA, the Times notes.

While the federal government had initially promised as many as 300 million doses of the covid vaccine by the end of December, officials are now saying that 40 million doses can be expected, The Washington Post reports. Some people might not like that, but me? Personally? I think some vaccine is better than none vaccine. Again, though—just speaking for myself. It may be controversial, but this stance is one I must take.

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The New York Times has a vaccine line calculator (  Given my age and health, I’d pretty much be last in line.  Although, I do work for a medical device manufacturer (not related to COVID nor super critical), and I’m not sure if that would mean I’m “essential” or not.  If I’m essential, then I’m in the top 3rd or so.  Although, there is a lot of vaccine skepticism, so maybe that means I can get it sooner.  Given my manufacturing experience, I’m certain there are going to be hiccups along the way - raw material or packaging shortages, issues with transit, manufacturing difficulties, etc.  I’m guessing I won’t get vaccinated until June at the earliest, if not until the Fall 2021.