The U.K Is Planning a Very Expensive Campaign Against Nazis

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Moving in complete opposition to what Donald Trump has proposed when it comes to exploring extremist violence, Theresa May’s government has announced a £60 million plan to combat the “alt-right,” or as we should be calling them by now, Nazis.

The Times reports that the campaign is being launched by Britain’s Home Office, and led by advertising company M&C Saatchi. The plan is to focus on the “extreme right-wing narratives” that seem to be the driving force behind xenophobic violence in the U.K. Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered last June by a man whose home was filled with Nazi memorabilia and white supremacist literature. During the trial, prosecutors argued that her murderer was a white nationalist and a terrorist.

The Daily Mail says the new campaign will focus on media literacy, quoting a source who states, “They are going against people who read Breitbart and stuff like that, the conspiratorial media. They want people to be critical about what they read. If you have issues, it’s not other communities who may be the cause of your issues.”


M&C Saatchi previously worked on a campaign that connected the conservative British National Party to nazis in 2010, and also on Somali radio advertising spots meant to deter jihadism, according to the Daily Mail. Prime Minister Theresa May is herself of the conservative party, and has vowed to follow through on the divisive Brexit vote, which many see as a xenophobic populist decision in line with “alt-right” leanings. May is extremely anti-immigration and has worked on deportation policies herself.

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