The Trailer For Pixar's First Lady-Led Film, Brave

Of the 13 feature-length films in its 16-year history, Pixar's Brave—a story about a Scottish princess/aspiring archer who defies her parents—is the animation company's first original fairytale, first movie co-directed by a woman, and first narrative with a female lead character. It's expected to hit theaters next summer, but here is a first peek.


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WANT. First, I love that character design. Her Second, that looks like Scotland. Third, castle! Fourth, magic forest thing! And fifth, bow and arrow badassery!

I've been really impressed with how Pixar continually challenges themselves with each new film (I don't really count Cars, that was a contractual thing)...and if they can make a movie about a cranky old man, a flying house, a weird bird, talking dogs, and a very sincere eagle scout work...I'm really not worried this won't be great.