The Top 5 Female Sex Fantasies Reveal We All Just Want to Be Objectified

Before Fifty Shades of Grey was released, women did not have sexual fantasies. Psych! Women totally fantasized about sex this whole time—people just didn't care about it until now. That's what it seems like, anyway. Still, we'll take some recognition where we can get it, and most recently it comes in the form of a study from the University of Michigan, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, that found that fantasizing about sex is "more effective at spurring both sexual desire and arousal" than other stimuli for women.

So what are the top five female sexual fantasies?

1.) Having sex with a stranger.

2.) Being worshipped in bed. (What the fuck does that even mean? I'm envisioning the Catholic shrine sex bedroom set from Blond Ambition.)


3.) Being ravaged in bed. (Are everyone's fantasies informed by Jackie Collins?)

4.) Having sex in front of other people who are watching.

5.) Threesomes.

So they mostly revolve around being "the object of desire." Here's the thing, since fantasies are rooted in feelings, they can't be incorrect, politically or otherwise. What turns you on turns you on, and while it might be worth exploring the reasons behind our predilection for being sex objects, it's not worth condemning them.

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