The Teen Mom College Fund

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Teen Mom's Catelynn and Tyler have won us over, exhibiting strength and maturity in the face of hardship, and they've expressed a desire to continue their schooling. So we've decided to help them raise some cash for their college education.


For the next two weeks, we will be accepting donations via PayPal; these contributions will go to a private account and then be given to Catelynn and Tyler. Obviously we can't guarantee that they'll use the cash to pay for college, but they've demonstrated their strong decision-making skills in the past, and we trust that they'll put the money to good use.

The young couple should be commended for having the wisdom to know that they were unable to give their daughter the kind of life that they wanted for her, and the sensitivity to make the kind of sacrifices in order to make sure that she would. However, they've been belittled and admonished for their gut-wrenching decision by Tyler's dad (who has been in and out of jail and rehab throughout his life), and Catelynn's mother (who has substance abuse issues of her own). Still, the pair are determined to improve their lives, by seeking out therapy and making plans to further their education.

But anyone who's watched the show knows that it hasn't been easy for them, given the lack of support and guidance on at least two of their parents' parts. Catelynn's mother has, at times, seemed bitter over her daughter's desire to better her life. In a way it's sad that they've had to deal with such heavy issues at such a young age (particularly because they are doing so in front of an audience of millions), but it's also totally inspiring that the couple has remained kind, loving, and supportive of each other, and haven't themselves become bitter by what life has handed them.



Disclaimer: I think Catelynn and Tyler are awesome and strong people. I would love to help make their lives easier because it certainly hasn't been easy for them. I'm curious, though, about why the money they make from the show isn't a part of the discussion. I did a quick scan of the comments below and saw some negative comments in the vein of "life sucks, get over it, I'm not donating." That's not what I'm saying. I recently read that the teen moms on Teen Mom make $60K - $65K per season.

That's far more than what I took out in tuition / living expenses loans per year in law school. It would even more than cover living expenses and tuition at my fancy liberal arts college. I'm curious as to why the compensation earned from the show is not a part of the discussion on Jezebel about their futures and ability to accomplish their higher education goals. Of course, that figure is from the Hollywood Reporter, so accuracy isn't guaranteed.

I know I will get some hell from Jezzie readers for even bringing this up, but it's been sort of nagging at me since I read it yesterday. I'm just wondering if anyone else read the same article. (And even if they make that much, I'm not saying that we should be telling them how to spend it. They earned it, let them spend it on what they want. But if they do make that much, and they really want an education, that amount of money per year makes it attainable.)