The Situation And Bristol Palin's Bizarre Abstinence PSA

Dancing With The Stars makes strange bedfellows: the abstinence-pushing Candies Foundation has tapped The Situation as a spokesperson alongside Bristol Palin. He says he's all about abstinence, "because it has the word 'abs' in it." At least condoms are shown.

The problem with the Candies campaigns has long been that they are vague ("pause before you play" — what does that even mean?), focus on abstinence, and only mention safe sex in passing, at the very end. They're focused on teen pregnancy rather than sexually transmitted infections, and past campaigns have put the onus on the teen girl to be both sexy and abstinent, rather than making it a decision male and female teenagers make for themselves.


This commercial is better because it posits that Bristol is making the right choice for herself, and the Situation for himself, safely, but it takes nearly two minutes of punning on his nickname for him to finally whip out a pack of Magnums. Of course.

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This makes absolutely no sense. These are two people whose fame is based almost entirely on the fact that they have sex!

Bristol is the most notorious of Sarah Palin's kids because she was a pregnant teen and the Situation is a standout on the Jersey Shore because of his skeevy attempts to get laid.

How about, I don't know, hiring people who practice abstinence to preach abstinence? Or, at least, people who are known primarily for something other than their sex lives?