"What If I Didn't Come From A Famous Family?"

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Bristol Palin has released a new public service announcement for the Candie's Foundation, in which she talks about how hard it is to raise a kid if your family isn't as famous as hers. At least she's honest?

In the thirty-second spot, Palin's all dressed up in pearls and a Chanel-esque jacket. She looks less like a teen mom and more like a late-twenties professional woman, which is maybe part of the point. Because, as Bristol points out, she has lots of advantages — a "famous family" and all the "opportunities" that come with it (represented by footage of Bristol getting made up for a shoot, much like this one). Without these, says Bristol, "it wouldn't be pretty" — rather, her life as a teen mom would take place in a barren living room, with her baby squalling on the floor.

It's a bit of an odd message — teen pregnancy is okay as long as you come from a prominent political family, but not if you're poor. Of course, it's true that having a baby has been a lot easier for Bristol than it is for teens with less disposable income and family support. And in a way it's nice to see her acknowledge her privilege. But still, it's a bit odd that Candie's chose to have Bristol compare less fortunate teens' motherhood experiences to her own.


On the other hand, there's one way Bristol's unlucky — in a way, doing PSAs and appearing on television is an opportunity, and in another way it's a burden. The lives of teen moms without Palin-level notoriety may not be "pretty," but at least they're private.

The Candie's Foundation To Debut New Public Service Campaign Featuring Bristol Palin [Magic Bullet Media]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Because if you have sex, there is literally no way that you could possibly prevent pregnancy. Literally none. And once you get pregnant, there is literally no way to possibly prevent giving birth. Nope. Not a one. Therefore, don't have sex, ever.