The Simpsons: Michelle Obama Visits Springfield

On last night's episode, First Lady Michelle Obama made a trip to Springfield to give a pep talk to Lisa Simpson, after learning (by following Lisa's FarmVille-esque blog) that the little feminist was embarrassed by her own intelligence.


After getting high marks on a test, Lisa was classified as "gifted" in front of her peers, and became self-conscious of the fact that her braininess made her an outcast. On her virtual organic gardening blog, Lisa wrote that she didn't want to post a list of garden-friendly snails out of fear of appearing too smart. She received a comment from an anonymous follower saying, "Don't stop achieving."

The commenter, it turns out, was Michelle Obama (not actually voiced by the real First Lady), who showed up at Springfield Elementary to encourage Lisa, and other overachievers, to not be embarrassed by success or intelligence. Then she used her extraordinary arm muscles to open the hatch of her helicopter and fly away.



Dude, seriously, was I being a a psycho? I mean, I worked 8am to midnight both Saturday and Sunday, so I might have been a little on edge, but I thought this episode dealt with women in a super-shitty way. I mean, Bart kisses a girl without her permission, and he "gets attacked by an overly PC society"? Then there's that whole "Women don't know what they want", so sometimes when you kiss them and they CLAIM to not like it, it's untrue" thing? I'll watch it again, maybe the two doubles in a row at my "women's work" job put me on edge, but I really felt like they took some shitty positions there, dealing with consent and women "knowing what they want".