The Scandal collection for The Limited will finally be in stores and online on September 23rd. The collaboration was announced back in June and everyday I've been wondering WHEN DO I GET TO SEE THOSE DAMN CLOTHES ALREADY? (I am a millennial.)

Season four of Scandal premieres on September 25th which gives you enough to time to stock up on your Olivia Pope threads so that you can wear them as you sit on the couch watching the show and sipping your bottle glass of red wine.

I was hoping to see some more images of the actual clothes — a lookbook perhaps — but they only threw us some crumbs. You can see the collection best in this behind-the-scenes video featuring Kerry Washington, Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited's head designer Elliot Staples.

The collection includes 78 items with prices ranging from $49 to $250. Although these photos are small, you can see that the collection is featured in this month's InStyle.


There is a pink wrap coat for $274, a double plain weave cape-sleeve trench for $198, a satin gown for $168 and double plain weave pants for $98. The collection also includes a pencil skirt — something I cannot recall Olivia Pope ever wearing.

The marketing push behind Scandal for The Limited is "Fearless fashion for ladies who lead." The idea was birthed from a Good Morning America segment, Staples told the New York Times.


They're really into this idea of being feminine but strong — although I wish that "but" was replaced with "and." In the video, Kerry Washington and Lyn Paolo throw around the phrases "power dressing" and "fabulous and fearless" AND ARE YOU INSPIRED TO OPEN UP THOSE WALLETS YET LADAAAYS?

Some the pieces look like solid alternative pieces inspired by high-end designers, but others look like straight up copies of the Prada and Alexander McQueen pieces that Olivia Pope loves.


Anyway, I'm pretty excited although I'm sure why since I have absolutely nowhere to wear coordinating pantsuits and cream overcoats. But I have to say it looks pretty great and I still want it all.

Images via screenshots; the New York Times.