The Limited To Launch a Collection Inspired by Olivia Pope

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The Limited and Scandal have teamed up to launch a 42-piece collection inspired by Olivia Pope's on-air looks from the hit ABC drama.


The Limited Scandal collection is the result of the joint efforts of Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo and Elliot Staples, The Limited's head of design, with significant input from the show's star, Kerry Washington.

If you watch Scandal you know that Olivia Pope's wardrobe is practically a cast member in its own right. If you've ever been to Washington DC, you know that no one aside from a First Lady has ever dressed that well in the entire history of the city.

Olivia Pope has become famous for an almost exclusively black, white and grey color palette, as well as her very pricey Burberry and Armani coats and Prada bags. The Limited hopes to bring the Olivia Pope look to the "sophisticated professional" woman at more affordable prices.

People who love the look of the show can now step into this world in a way that is affordable and accessible because not everybody can afford to have the clothes they see on the show.

And by "not everybody" they mean "nobody." I mean, who owns ten cream Alexander McQueen coats? [Ed: Me, in my recurring dreams.] Olivia Pope's monthly dry cleaning bill is easily more than my rent. The Limited collection will be more manageable, naturally: retail prices will range from $49 to $248 with the collection arriving in Limited stores and online in late September.

This isn't Scandal's first time capitalizing on the popularity of the fashions seen on the show. Last October, Saks Fifth Avenue's New York flagship featured window displays curated by Paolo. The display showcased designers that were up Olivia Pope's alley like Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera.


When I think of The Limited, I think of the place I went to during my senior year of college when I needed dress pants for the career fair. But with Scandal being one of the hottest shows on television and having one of the most rabid fan bases in entertainment, I have no doubt that The Limited Scandal collection will be successful.

No word yet if the clothes will come with instructions on how to avoid spilling red wine all over your all-white Olivia Pope ensembles.


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I just don't think I could keep that much cream and ivory clean. I spill a lot of food on myself.