The Rosé Lifestyle Domination Is All Instagram's Fault

Hey, good afternoon, hello, it’s summer, and that means you’re this close to shoving off and wandering straight towards the wine shop or your fridge to get a glass—fuck it, the bottle—of rosé and settle in. You love it! You can’t get enough of it! If it gushed out of the fucking faucets in the bathroom instead of tepid water, you’d kiss your landlord and pay more rent and anoint your body in its wine-y, pink, depths.


Why, though? Why do you feel this way? Why do you find yourself bellied up to a bar clutching a sweaty $20 bill, screaming with increasing urgency at a bartender to just find the coldest, most refreshing GODDAMN rosé and pour it the fuck up?!??!

Per a recent piece in the Guardian, everyone loves rosé because it’s easy —and because it looks great on Instagram. Erica Blumenthal, one of the women who started the YesWayRosé Instagram account told the Guardian, “We couldn’t believe this beautiful, peachy pinkish colour could exist. It was able to shine in all of our pictures.” Along with her friend Nikki Huganir, the two launched the fan account, which turned into a brand and then, unfortunately, a way of life.


It’s also a drinkable, easy wine that pairs well with ice and is less fussy than white or red, which is part of its appeal. Also, it pairs well with just about everything, including popcorn for dinner, an actual meal, a handful of Skittles and an Andés mint, a taco, some fries, etc. It’s wine! Wine that you can drink like water! It’s pink and it looks good on Instagram, so live it up!!

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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