The Reese Witherspoon TV Dynasty Has Begun Y'all

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Reese Witherspoon—actress, production company head, and drinker of whiskey in a teacup—has been doing quite a lot as of late, particularly in support of the Times Up movement, both in Hollywood and outside of it. On Tuesday, Witherspoon announced the official launch of another business initiative: her video-on-demand subscription channel for her company, Hello Sunshine, in partnership with DirecTV.


According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Hello Sunshine will run on channel 1112 on DirecTV and 1530 on U-verse. DirecTV Now subscribers will get their first three months for $10 a month. After three months, the channel will cost $35 a month. In success, Harden noted scripted originals could be created specifically for the VOD platform but Hello Sunshine originals like Big Little Lies and Hulu’s forthcoming Little Fires Everywhere will not be included.

So if this new streaming channel isn’t for re-binge-watching Season 1 of Big Little Lies for the 15th time, then what is it for? For one, Witherspoon has a planned unscripted series, Shine On With Reese, which “celebrates women who have created their own paths to success”:

Shine On With Reese is about experiencing with Reese the stories of exceptional artists, entrepreneurs and leaders who happen to be women, and reveals how their personal journeys are unique yet relatable,” said Charlotte Koh, head of digital media and programming at Hello Sunshine. “It epitomizes our goal of telling unexpected stories from interesting women’s perspectives.”

Some “unique” and also “relatable” featured celebs include Dolly Parton, Ava DuVernay, and Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson.

There will also be a second unscripted show, a decluttering series called Master the Mess, along the lines of Hoarders or Queer Eye if it only had Bobby Berk. The platform will additionally offer “original short-form content and select film library titles.” Later this summer, Hello Sunshine will partner with Dreaming Tree Foundation in a two-week program where 20 young women filmmakers will produce content for the VOD platform (and hopefully get paid well to do so!). The service will launch July 17.



Firstly, I was like people don’t watch TV anymore. Secondly, “the channel will cost $35 a month”, nope.