The Real World: Drunk Guy Throws Other Drunk Guy Off Two-Story Balcony

The Real World: D.C. has been kind of boring to the point of being unwatchable (which is saying a lot, coming from me), but last night's episode featured such a shocking act of violence that sucked me back in.

Ty, Andrew, and one of their friends came home from a bar completely brainfaced. Ty tried to start an argument with Emily (with whom he sometimes has sex) but she didn't feel like dealing with him when he wasn't sober. Cut to the roomies hanging out on their front stoop, where a belligerent Ty began throwing gummy candy on them in an expression of misplaced anger. Andrew (the guy in the panda hat) appeared with a drunken desire for ordering a pizza. Then, out of nowhere, Ty threw him off the balcony. Andrew landed a flight below street level, on a concrete slab in front of the doorway of a basement entrance to the house.

Here's the unedited version of the footage—that the show posted online—that's slightly less confusing, and illustrates just how bad the incident really was.

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The preview of next week's episode is currently unavailable on MTV's site, but the still from indicates that the ambulance was called.


Aren't you not supposed to move someone with a possible neck/spinal injury? It looks like they're trying to roll him onto his back.

It didn't look like an act of anger or even like Ty did it on purpose. It's just ridiculously, criminally, stupid. He didn't "throw" him so much as he decided to drunkenly dangle him, only to lose his grip. And his lack of reaction indicates to me that (1) he's really shitfaced, and (2) he knows how bad this is and is staying quiet out of fear.

But then, I've never watched this show and probably don't have the proper context.