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I can’t predict how well The Lion King is going to fare in theaters, but I can guess people would show up in spades if it included full audio of what’s thought to be the first-ever in-person conversation shared by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the movie’s UK premiere.

TMZ points out that commoners aren’t supposed to lay their filthy hands on royals unless the royal initiates contact, which both Markle and Harry decidedly did when they leaned in for their respective hugs. Here they are:


Too bad, though, because I’d have been interested to see whether anyone would dare tell Beyoncé that she can’t hug anyone she damn well wants to.

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What are they talking about? A correspondent for the Daily Mail reports that there was lots of “baby chat,” and you can actually hear Bey refer to the newest royal baby, Archie, as “beautiful.” It’s fascinating to see all four of them, presumably mutual fans, making polite small talk amid what is surely a throng of gawkers, but hey, I guess that’s fame.

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