The "Proper Etiquette" For Drunk Sluts

I'm not referring specifically to Deena or to the bed-hopping twin in the title here, but actually to everyone on the show who had something to say about the incident involving Vinny, Deena and the twin. They're all drunk sluts: Pauly, Vinny, Deena, The Situation, that twin. They all just want to have fun and get off. But the inane sexual double standards that the cast has previously unabashedly admitted to subscribing to reared its ugly head when the male roommates decided to be mad at Deena for daring to pull a piece of tail away from Vinny. They all felt like Deena owed Vinny an apology. Why? She's the one who brought the girl home. And then when she was done with her, she let the girl "finish off" Vinny. I thought that was nice of her, relatively speaking. In fact, Deena was way nicer about "sharing" a woman than any of the male roommates would've been. Yet she was labeled a "cock blocker." Didn't Vinny say he ended up getting off? And he didn't bring a girl home himself, so he wouldn't have gotten any ass if Deena hadn't shared. So really, she's the exact opposite of a cock bock.


And the idea — presented by The Situation, of course — that there is any kind of "proper etiquette" when it comes to these drunken, sloppy hookups is laughable. What exactly does Emily Post say about how to bed a bisexual twin? Keep a pinky raised when finger banging her?


Actually, I feel like Deena at the time wanted to cross the line into being one of the boys, which is fine. So, the boys started treated her like one and bullshitting with her and calling her a cock blocker, and instead of doing what those boys do to each other and throw shit back out, she went into sensitive defensive mode. The way those guys treated her and the shit they gave her is no different than what they've done to each other over the past seasons. The only difference is, when Vinnie tells the Situation that he is a dirty cockblocker, they bullshit, cuss, maybe fight, then they both just find a new woman to have sex with on the next night, and it's all good.

They all shame each other on this show. Mike's been called dirty by everyone. They all have been accused of bring home a "grenade," ect. So really, in some bit of irony, while an outsider sees them as treating her differently by being assholes about cock blocking, they really bullshitted Deena the same way they do each other.

THANKS for making me defend those assholes.