The Potential Replacements for Tyra Banks on FABLife Are Incredibly Random

FABLife—the daytime talk show you either never watch or you happen upon while channel surfing, watch for a few minutes and wonder why the title is in caps and lowercase—is looking for a replacement for Tyra Banks. They reportedly have lots of options.

In November, Banks made the “difficult decision” to leave the heavily congested talk show market to focus on her beauty business ventures.


According to TMZ, FABLife has several replacements in mind, including E! News vet Giuliana Rancic and KeKe Palmer, who had her own erratic, short-lived BET talk show Just KeKe for a hot second.

Others in consideration: Naomi Campbell (shut the front door!), Heidi Klum (stay on Project Runway), Christina Milian (can’t see it), Sherri Shepherd (I guess), Rocco DiSpirito (he’s a man!), Tori Spelling (ok, maybe).

Sadly, none of these people can fill Tyra’s wacky shoes.

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