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The Playboy Mansion Is Up for Sale But Hugh Hefner Is Included With It

Illustration for article titled The Playboy Mansion Is Up for Sale But Hugh Hefner Is Included With It

The Playboy Mansion, home to Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner and his legendary parties, will be going up for sale. The 6-acre estate, located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, was built in 1927 and Hefner purchased it in 1971.


The lucky buyer will acquire a place that has seen some of the world’s most famous butts, as well as its infamous grotto, which was once was suspected of causing a bunch of people to contract Legionnaires disease. They will also inherit one of the mansion’s hedonistic ghosts: Hefner himself. According to TMZ, whomever purchases the mansion will be required to give Hef a life estate, which means he will be allowed to live there until he dies and becomes an actual apparition. Prospective buyers can tour the mansion but are not allowed to lurk his bedroom.

Playboy Enterprises is seeking upwards of $200 million for Holly Madison’s former prison, but the house is apparently not worth that much because it’s busted. Real estate sources told TMZ it could still get between $80 million and $90 million due to its notorious history.


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Whoever buys this place better have an amazon dash button for lysol wipes.