The 'Other Woman' in the J.Lo/A-Rod Breakup Speaks

Now that the world knows that Baseball Man and Jenny From the Block have ended their very long engagement, the supposed other woman in this equation has spoken. That should be the end of this, yeah? I think so!


Madison LeCroy, the Southern Charm woman who is at the center of this conflagration, has weighed in: “I wish them the best,” she told Page Six, which is precisely the kind of answer I expect from someone who probably doesn’t want anything to do with this entire mess and is busy doing I don’t know what.

For those who are not intimately aware of the details of this sordid affair, LeCroy allegedly maybe did dirty FaceTime stuff with Alex Rodriguez, and then possibly told Andy Cohen that she did that, and obviously, this got back to Jennifer Lopez because that is what happens when you do FaceTime things with a person who is dating someone that is really famous. Then Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took a break! And then they broke up? And now here we are.

Per Page Six, LeCroy has moved well past this situation and is now just on the beach with her friends in the Bahamas, which is honestly not a bad move for anyone who is interested in moving on with their lives. [Page Six]

Of all the people I thought who would pay tribute to the recently-deceased Prince Philip, Liam Payne is not very high on my list. However? He did a watercolor of Prince Philip and put it on Instagram for all the world to see. Here’s what it looks like, ready?

Beautiful. Thank you, Liam.

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I don’t really know Madison LeCroy, but she just did this for the fame, right?