The Orphan Black Clones Will Get Busy With Park & Rec's Tom Haverford

Illustration for article titled The emOrphan Black/em Clones Will Get Busy With emPark  Rec/ems Tom Haverford

Tatiana Maslany — who is beyond brilliant as clones trying to make it in a non-clone world on BBC America's Orphan Blackhas booked a two-episode arc on NBC's Parks & Recreation as Tom Haverford's love interest. It would be so awesome if she played the clones, because I have a feeling they might be the ladies to tame Tom. Now, we just have to work on getting Donna some equally excellent love interests, and we're all set for next season!

And quite a season it'll be — according to The Hollywood Reporter, Maslany joins Kristen Bell, June Diane Raphael, Sam Elliott, Lucy Lawless, Heidi Klum, and Henry Winkler (who will play Jean-Ralphio's dad!) as guest stars.


The show returns on Thursday, Sept. 26. Open, open, open!!

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

But Tom always has love interests. I demand Love Interests for Donna.