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The Only Hunger Games GIF You'll Ever Need, Starring Katniss and Rue

Illustration for article titled The Only emHunger Games/em GIF Youll Ever Need, Starring Katniss and Rue

This most amazing GIF ever was created from the DVD extras on the original The Hunger Games. I want to watch an entire movie of Katniss and Rue just being ridiculously adorable — frolicking in the woods, eating (non-poisonous!!!) berries, braiding each other's hair, attending impromptu therapy sessions, and whatever else it is two young ladies do during their Hunger Games downtime. These movies are doing insanely well, so I bet those greedy bastards in tinsel town could be convinced. COME AND TAKE YOUR MONEY FROM ME, YOU BRILLIANT SCUMBAGS.



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Rue is the best part about the first Hunger Games. I cry like a baby every time she dies. Every. Time.