The Names Of Mariah Carey's Newborn Twins, Revealed

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She didn't disappoint: Moroccan and Monroe. In case you're confused, what with the gender ambiguity, Moroccan Scott is the little boy. (His nickname will be "Roc.") Yes, Moroccan, as in the nationality. Or as in the theme of decor of the top floor of her TriBeCa penthouse, where Nick proposed to her. Monroe, the little girl, doesn't have a middle name, because Mariah doesn't have a middle name. She's named after Marilyn Monroe, one of Mimi's inspirations. Mariah actually bought the icon's white grand piano from Christie's auction house and wouldn't let MTV Cribs film it because she didn't want anyone touching it. So yeah, those kids' names serve the sole purpose of reminding her how kickass her condo is.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reveal baby names [CNN via ONTD]

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Look, baby names are so arbitrary and the whole "name your kid after a random noun" is very much the parents' choice but can we draw the line at adjectives? It's just altogether the wrong part of speech.