Gif via Watch What Happens Live

If you’re still wondering how a 50-year-old woman who wasn’t pregnant briefly convinced some people that she was back in June, well you’re in luck: On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, Halle Berry revealed all of her secrets.


Berry said that the baby-bump-that-wasn’t came down to two factors: Pictures snapped as she transitioned her arms from being down at her sides to her hips (see moving figure above) as she was giving her looks to the red-carpet photographers, and the lunch she had eaten earlier that day. “I had a pretty big lunch. I had a burger and fries, and I was a little poofed out... On my body a burger and fries make a poof.” That sounds like more of gift than a curse?

Discrepancy alert! In her similarly good-humored reaction to the rumors on Instagram in June, Berry suggested steak and fries was the poof-causing meal. We may never know the exact causes of the poof, but at least we’re closer to the whole truth than we were yesterday.

On WWHL, Berry also talked about Adrien Brody kissing her when she presented him with the Best Actor Oscar in 2003 (“I was like what the fuck is happening right now?”), working with Malia Obama, a PA on the set of Extant (“Everybody couldn’t really see her as a PA, although she tried and tried to be one”), and her lack of shame over the infamous bomb Catwoman. A national treasure, that Halle Berry is.