The Lisa Frank Facebook Page Is an Existential K-Hole, and I Love It

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the scientific impossibility of simultaneously staring into a black hole, contemplating the human condition, and trading stick-on earrings with your besties in the early 90s, then the Lisa Frank Facebook page is for you!

It seems that post-fall of the Rainbow Gulag, our favorite psychedelically-inspired designer has taken to creating memes that both capture the subtextual universal angst of humankind and make you nostalgic for the eye-numbing side effects from staring at that many colors on a trapper-keeper for too long.


While the Facebook page has been around since 2007, its only been bringing its meme game since 2014. And yes, the meme game is strong with this one. (That, and existential despair.)

In short: this is what would happen if the essence of every French New Wave film and the club kid in the chicken suit from Party Monster had Internet babies.



...because how does one measure the human experience, really?


Moral relativity, amirite?


Because hell is other people, as this pink dog and his/her despair-filled stare into the abyss seem to be telling us. (Also Sartre.)


Unicorns, like death, have no dreams.


I mean, not wrong.

They might not be tarot cards inspired by Lisa Frank designs, but they sure are something. Definitely something.


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