Back in the dark days of 2007, Jane magazine was fighting for its life — and so, it placed these ads in Women’s Wear Daily to capture the attention of people who still spent money on magazines.

The ads play on how the ladies of the 'oughts have the right to be many things at once — or, more specifically, they have the right to be Zooey Deschanel/one of the rebooted Charlie's Angels. She can knit you booties while scratching her crotch and you're gonna love her!

According to Copy Ranter, the ads appeared solely in WWD because the mag was strapped for cash and couldn't expand their buy. Even though they were clever and fun, it wasn't enough to save the magazine (which at this point was actually being edited by Brandon Holley) — but don't cry for Jane Pratt, we all know things ended just fine for her.