The Kardashians Have Learned Their SponCon Lesson, For Now

Images via Instagram.
Images via Instagram.

Following a public finger-wagging from an advertising watchdog group, the Kardashians have seemingly cleaned up their shady practice of not labeling sponsored posts as ads so as not to be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.

A letter from the nonprofit organization Truth In Advertising called out the spawn of Kris Jenner for over 100 instances of essentially deceiving the public by not clearly indicating that they were paid for product placements.

The family lawyer must have sent around a memo because recent posts from Kim, Kourtney, Kylie and Khloe (Kendall is above this shit) all include the tag “#ad” indicating that received thousands of dollars to act like they drink laxative tea.


Look at them, following rules! Only time will tell if these displays of somewhat honest business practices will stick or if they’re just playing along now while the story is still hot.

The Kardashian krackdown follows a report that the FTC is planning on getting tougher about sponsored content for all the C-list actors, reality stars and Instagram celebrities out there.


For now, an “ad” or “sp” hashtag will generally keep you out of trouble since it is technically an indicator of sponsorship. However, as far as truthful disclosure go, it’s pretty weak.


We’ll have to wait to see if a simple hashtag is enough for the FTC as they cut into the celebrity sponcon cash cow in order to keep us, the public, protected against spending our hard-earned money on waist trainers and at-home teeth whitening kits.

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Do people really fall for these ads? Do they think that they’re not ads?