The Judds Reunite in Vegas For Nine Nights of Music, Tears, and Tons of Fucking Sequins

If you grew up listening to Naomi and Wynona Judd, news of their reunion—the first in five years!—should thrill you. And, according to reviews of their very, very limited Las Vegas residency (entitled Girls Night Out), the show is very, very good.

Parade reports that unlike other residencies that got off to a little bit of a rocky start—Britney, Mariah—The Judds come out swinging and don’t stop until the audience at the Venetian (very nice bath tubs there!) has heard every one of their hits, plus some unreleased new stuff that Wynonna’s been working on solo.

The residency, according to Parade, isn’t just a chance for the stars to connect with their fans once more but “a nod to the power of family, perseverance and musical memories”—something that’s especially important considering that The Judds stopped performing together in the ‘90s, shortly after Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. And while it’s not like the mother-daughter duo are planning a world tour anytime soon, their energy is reportedly just as electric as ever.


From Parade:

Country music artists have long acknowledged the power of their fans, but both Wynonna and Naomi couldn’t thank them enough. With tears in her eyes, Naomi seemed to absorb every ounce of energy and fan adoration. And Wynonna, with her sassy signature style, felt more like a talented BFF who just happens to be a musical powerhouse. “It’s all about attitude sister—and I’ve got it,” quipped the younger Judd, who seems like she would have your back any day of the week. The mother-daughter artists showcased and shared their differences onstage and delighted audiences. From Naomi’s flouncy costume changes to Wynonna’s guitar switches, both mother and daughter embraced their own personal style and one another. One of my favorite moments? When a fan handed Naomi a flashy tambourine decorated with streamers and Wynonna rolled her eyes like a teenager and teasingly asked him to stop encouraging her over-the-top frilly fashion-obsessed mother. We’ve all been there—rolled our eyes at a parent’s crazy style while still loving them like crazy. Or watched our teenagers roll their eyes at our perfectly reasonable wardrobe choices (Go Naomi!). That’s the power of The Judds—they’re just like us and they want us to know it. OK, except they have an arsenal of hits, a lot more trophies, and, thanks to Naomi, probably a lot more sequins.

No word on whether The Judds dueted on Wynonna’s fantastic cover of “I Want to Know What Love Is,” but the concert looks pretty great, judging from these fan-made videos taken at the show:

Probably one of the most exciting things for fans is that The Judds don’t just launch into their songs after applause and a quick change. They’ll really talk to an audience before unleashing one of their hits, making people feel like they’re talking to a friend and not two country superstars making a well-deserved comeback in a room full of nearly 2,000 spectators.


And then when they get back to it, their voices are still in fine form, which seems important when they’ve got to be heard above floofy gowns and Liberace levels of sequins.

Girls Night Out plays until the 24th of October. If you end up going, please scream “Play ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’!!” until they do it at least twice. Once for you, and once for the rest of us who couldn’t be there to witness this comeback in all its glory.


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FTA: If you grew up listening to Naomi and Wynona Judd, news of their reunion—the first in five years!—should thrill you

So, they have reunions like Streisand had farewells?