The Jenner Sons Probably Won't Be Voting Caitlyn Jenner for Governor

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The Jenner Sons Probably Won't Be Voting Caitlyn Jenner for Governor
Image:Michael Tran (Getty Images)

Brody, Brandon, and Burt Jenner, three men who are brothers and not a country music band even though that would be a great name, have decided as a family they aren’t down with Caitlyn Jenner running for governor. A source told TMZ that the Brothers B (another good band name if they want it) “never wanted” Jenner to run for office because they don’t feel she’s qualified for the position. Couldn’t agree more, BJ Bros (not a band name but works if they start a porn production company).

Apparently, Jenner called all of her children before announcing her run for governor and the Three HomBros (like hombres but bros? I’m running out of steam here) all suggested she drop the endeavor and were reportedly upset that Jenner didn’t even consider the family’s feelings on the campaign but had made the decision before even placing the call. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Brody Jenner would be part of the voice of reason in that family. Or any family, really! [TMZ]

The best kind of cry is a happy one. So please enjoy this morning happy cry brought to you by Fred Hampton Jr. and Daniel Kaluuya embracing each other at the Oscars.

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