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The Internet's Problem With TV Wives, Explained

Illustration for article titled The Internets Problem With TV Wives, Explained

Ma'am, we hate you and we refuse to look from your perspective.

The cops are obviously proxies for "bad fans" — a term coined by The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum to describe people who identify with a show's anti-hero a little too much. You know, the ones who think Skyler White is a nag bitch for wanting Walt to stop being such a piece of shit?


Where the parody doesn't work is that there are still plenty of people in real life who do everything they can to keep women "in their place", and so it's a little more complicated than this amusing video suggests. Still, it's pretty much worth it for "Ma'am, we hate you and we refuse to look from your perspective." Because, yeah, that's it in a nutshell.


[Funny or Die]

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Katrina Comens Banaghan

As a fan of The Walking Dead, I have learned to avoid any and all Internet discussions about the show for this very reason. The utter hatred for Lori, Beth, Andrea, and Carol was disturbing, as were the extremely rape-y fantasies many fans had of how they wished for these characters to die. The hatred for them seems to boil down to "they are weak and useless (regardless of anything these characters actually accomplish) except as breeding stock, but I don't personally find them attractive, so they must die, and painfully." Many of the complaints, about Andrea in particular, also stem from the character making decisions the audience knows are bad because we have a god's eye view of the whole story, while the character only has their own perspective to go on. These a-holes don't seem to get that concept.