The Internet Depresses Lisa Simpson

On last night's episode of The Simpsons, Lisa browsed the internet and developed "environment-related despair." To help her out of her depression, Lisa's shrink put her on the wonder drug Ignorital.


The one thing I agree with Scientologists about are anti-depressant drugs. They are bad news. Period.

We still haven't figured out how the brain works, and not everyone's brain functions the same way.

I tried them for a little while, and I went completely out of my head. I was crying everyday, I had the shakes, I felt dirty, and I acted impulsively and self-destructively.

While I believe the drugs might help some people, I think they could also lead to some crazy crazy behavior. This is even more the case when people try to get -off- the meds or take the wrong dosage. Docs will tell you the meds are non-addictive, but then, you're not allowed to stop cold turkey, or it'll have negative consequences. Hmm... how could that be?

The other factor is that pharmaceutical companies make their money by innovating new drug patents. But, drugs only have 10 years before they are required by law to go generic. So the pharmaceutical companies keep messing with their formula to keep the patent fresh. And each new formula is a little be riskier, a little bit more -out there- than the last one.

Who knows what the long term effects of the medications will be? I would argue that it's good to be depressed. The world is depressing. The secret to finding happiness is to try to improve it.