The Hills: New Faces, Coke Faces

On last night's premiere of what will be the show's final season, Heidi's mother cried when she saw what her daughter did to her face. Meanwhile, Kristin partied her face off in Miami during Super Bowl weekend, alarming the others.


To catch the audience up on what's been happening—as if we don't read the cover stories of the celeb weeklies—Stephanie was arrested for the second time in her 23 years (this time it was a DUI; last time it was meth and theft), and she hasn't spoken to her brother Spencer or his wife Heidi in months. Lo filled her in on what Heidi's been up to.

Post-surgery, Heidi went to Colorado to visit her mother. Aside from how troubling it is to see your child suffer from such severe issues about her looks that she would take these kinds of drastic measures, it also has to be somewhat insulting to be told that your genetics just aren't good enough for L.A. Basically, she implied that her mother is an ugly hillbilly. When trying to explain why she chose to get so many procedures, Heidi said, "You live in the mountains. You don't live where I live."

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Meanwhile, the rest of the crew went to Miami for Super Bowl weekend, where they partied hard, and Kristin partied the hardest. She's 23, so it's expected. It just sucks for her that cameras where there. It could've been worse, though: She didn't make an ass out of herself, although she did exhibit something that I'm quite familiar with, thanks to my partying days: Coke face. The jaw gets weird, and the eyes get big.

The next afternoon, Lo, Stephanie, and Audrina went to wake Kristin up for her flight. They accused her of being "cracked out" and told her that her room smelled. I love shots like this, because you can tell that they are authentic, since there are no pre-setup tripod shots.



I feel so sad for Heidi. I used to read celebrity gossip blogs a lot, and they ALWAYS made fun of Heidi for how she looked, calling her ugly, saying she had a big chin, whatever. I'm not saying that getting a bunch of surgeries is the way to deal with this, but I doubt most people go through the pressure she did (and many go through more)- and a lot of it is in her head, and it may seem silly, but that was her life. Everything that brought her "success" was based on her being attractive, and she was constantly told she wasn't attractive enough. I don't like Heidi, but I also can't imagine what it's like to be her. We forget she (and all celebrities) are real people and make fun of them mercilessly, and sometimes when you stop and think about it, it's really sad.