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The Girls Finally Throw Punches On Jersey Shore

After weeks of boring Sammi/Ronnie drama, JWoww and Snooki's anonymous letter finally added some excitement to the house when residual tension turned into an all-out brawl. This is the biggest thing to happen this season (aside from Vinny's peen).


So yeah, Vinny's peen. According to Snooki, it's comparable to Wawa's Classic Hoagie.

And while that her anecdote was informative and entertaining, nothing was really as eye-opening as The Situation's panties. They're pretty dignified, right?

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But that wasn't Sitch's only dignified moment on last night's episode. Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by his tolerance when he found out that the blonde with whom he was canoodling was a transsexual? He acknowledged what happened — without acting all grossed out or disgusted, because he shouldn't be — and if anything, seemed understanding and proud of the fact that he's the kind of guy that can attract any kind of person. (Weirdly, he treated the transsexual much better than he does the randoms that he brings home.) It's kind of weird — yet comforting — that his narcissism cancels out bigotry in that way.

The real shit went down on Jersey Shore After Hours, where Ronnie, Sammi, Snooki and JWoww all appeared to discuss the events of this episode. If anyone cares, this is the "real story" of why Ronnie and Sam broke up in between seasons (according to Ronnie). As can be expected, it involves petty bullshit, supposition and, of course, Facebook.

Way more interesting was the deleted scene — from the current season — that shows JWoww telling Sam, to her face, about some of Ronnie's bad behavior before filming began. Apparently, he had some kind of four-way orgy in a club bathroom on Long Island before going home to share his bed with Sam. And the girl is still with him at this very moment.

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I knew Sammi was never, EVER going to dump Ron, and telling her about his shenanigans would only result in her shooting the messenger, so I was genuinely overjoyed to see JWoww haul off and hit her.

I honestly think an open relationship can be a normal and healthy thing, but this back and forth tortured drama crap is ridiculous.