The Fitness Trends That Will Torture You in 2014

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If you need help deciding what you will pretend to consider thinking about doing to get healthier this year, we have you covered.

The American College of Sports Medicine has compiled a top 10 list of predicted fitness trends for 2014. The fads of previous years—like Zumba, spin classes, and Pilates—didn't make the cut, as it seems that strength training and weight training are more popular.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), short bursts of intense activity followed by short rests periods, topped the list. It's less time-consuming and you're supposed to get more out of the workouts, physically, than more traditional training methods.


Body Weight Training came in at number two. The conceit is that it uses your own body weight as a form of resistance training.

Also making the list is something called Functional Fitness, the exercises of which simulate common movements used in your every day life to train your body to be prepared for daily tasks.

Personal Training, Group Personal Training, Strength Training, and Yoga rounded out the exercise options of the ACSM list.

However, E! went ahead and put together a list of workout trends that celebrities love (thank God) that include activities that aren't listed by ACSM. For example, there's Aerial Fitness, which is that thing that P!nk does for a living now. Trampoline Workouts, available from the Sky Zone franchise, actually looks like legit fun, where you get to jump up and down in a room of trampolines and literally bounce off of walls.


Lastly and certainly least there is something hellish called Flywheel which is like a more intense SoulCycle, where you have to ride a stationary bike but lift weights at the same time. Yuck.

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Jess, Queen of the Raptors

I... I guess I don't get why we are supposed to hate on this? Strength training is an excellent way to get and stay healthier, can be done at all levels of fitness (please, people, do it in consultation with a professional if you're new to weights, I want to you get healthy not end up in the hospital :(), and things like Body Weight Training can be done without a lot of expensive equipment. Unlike things like Pilates and Zumba, you don't need to sign up for and attend expensive classes - one or two sessions with a trainer and you're good to go for quite a while. A good trainer will also provide you with some more advanced things to do once you feel you are starting to plateau.

/not a healthcare professional at all, but an advocate for everyone doing what they can to be healthy, and yeah, exercise is a huge part of that.

Totally with you on the FlyWheel concept though. That sounds like hell on wheels! #punintentional