The First Wives Club TV Reboot Could Actually Rule

For once in the history of reboots, revivals and zombie reanimations of beloved classics, it sounds like the forthcoming First Wives Club TV series might turn out all right.


Deadline reports that Tracy Oliver, co-writer of the wildly successful and extremely hilarious Girl’s Trip, will be writing the script for the new series, which languished in the weird sort of development hell that happens in Hollywood sometimes. Sometime last year, a version of this reboot was picked up for TV Land with a different writer; TV Land passed on the pilot, then the show went to the soon-to-launch Paramount Networks, snapped up Oliver and is alive once again.

The series will hew to the source material: there will be three women, they will still live in New York City, and they will still come together after their marriages fall apart to bond and also to exact revenge. Dedicated fans of the original may gnash their teeth and rend their garments at the thought of anyone fucking with the magic that Goldie, Bette and Diane wrought, but if there’s anyone who could pay tribute to its splendor, it’s Oliver.

Oliver’s reboot will premiere on Paramount Networks—the artist formerly known as Spike TV—on January 18.

Senior Writer, Jezebel


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