The Father/Daughter Incest Story That Was Too "Real" For Jerry Springer

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Recently The Steve Wilkos show (what, you haven't heard of it?) aired a two-part story about a father and his 18-year-old daughter who had been estranged during the girl's childhood but reconnected through MySpace when the daughter, Britney, became an adult. They struck up a romantic relationship and are now calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

The footage—which features Britney and her father, Morgan, in a deep French kiss when he first walks onto the stage—is disturbing to say the least, but apparently it gets worse. In the intro to the segment, Wilkos mentions that the couple "provided proof" that they were in a sexual relationship, which one source tells us was "video documentation" and that the "dad had filmed it."


We were also told that initially Britney and Morgan were booked on The Jerry Springer Show, but that their story was "so real [it had to be] given to Steve," that it was too much for the Springer team to take on. On part two of the incest show, Britney suspected she was pregnant with her father's child, saying to Wilkos, "How do you know if it's gonna come out lookin' all weird?" (Later in the episode, it was revealed that she was not. Exhale.)

NBC Universal, which distributes The Steve Wilkos Show and The Jerry Springer Show, did not return our request for a comment.



This is actually a legit thing called Genetic Sexual Attraction, and is both strange and disturbing to read about in the abstract, much less see video of. Read the Wiki about it and its reverse, the Westermarck effect; they're fascinating.