The 'Experts' Who Claim Old Age Eases Hangovers Are Lying Liars

In a study of 50,000 adults published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Danish researchers found that people report markedly fewer hangover symptoms as they get older. And it's no small gap: Twenty-one percent of women aged 18-29 suffered nausea with a hangover compared with just three percent of women over 60. Drinks on grandma?

I was ready to call bullshit on this whole study because my hangovers are still a nightmare, but I'm closer to 29 than I am to 60. I can say that I have a much harder time bouncing back in my mid-30s than I ever did when I was a 21. I used to drink all night and then work doubles at a coffee shop the next morning. Of course, I had unlimited access to espresso drinks and my coworkers were a bunch of hungover kids and we mainly napped in the back room, so maybe I blocked out the pain?


However, if this is true, it's yet another reason to welcome the golden glory days of older age. Take me, father time — take me straight to the bar!

[via Telegraph]


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