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The Economy (Kinda) Affects The Real Housewives

On last night's episode, the BBC interviewed Jill about the economic crisis, the Countess' daughter shopped at Goodwill, and the ladies were subjected to a cash bar at Kelly's Halloween party (horrors!).

The gals were even more pissed about the fact that Kelly was hours late for the event that she'd not only lent her name to, but her image. (She did a photo shoot for the invitations.)

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As for Simon and Alex, they invested $7,000 on a recycled feedbag from an impoverished village that some designer turned into a couture corset, which was described as "idealizing a non-profit in a very chic way."


Ramona was concerned about the economy in her own way: She filmed an audition tape for HSN, to sell her jewelry line. I'm currently obsessed with how insane she looks in her Housewives bumper.

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Wit is periodically disensouled

I have seen that feed bag corset on someone before, and it's killing me that I can't remember where. Anyone?