The Dude-Bra Market in Japan Is Surprisingly Robust

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The bra market for cross-dressing men (as opposed to men who want to achieve the Kellan Lutz effect with some not-at-all-obvious, custom-fitted chest cushions) is growing, thanks in part to the efforts of a Japanese online retailer.


Even Wishroom, which, since its launch two weeks ago has already sold more than 300 men's bras for $30 a piece, seems a tad surprised by the popularity of its lingerie. Executive Director Akiko Okunomiya told Reuters that she hadn't expected such a strong demand among male customers for Wishroom's floral-pattern bras and silk nightgowns, all of which can be worn discreetly under clothes (because, duh, it's all underwear).


As you'd expect, the sudden popularity of Wishroom's bras for men has apparently incited a series of pointless debates online about whether men should wear bras, mostly among a bunch of people who've never watched Seinfeld and appreciated Jerry Stiller's hip wiggling.

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If these are bras for men dressing as women, shouldn't that be what the attached images are of, rather than of fat, hairy men whose juxtaposition with traditionally feminine undergarments are use for humor and mocking? The title word choice of "dude bra" is mocking enough. These images aren't very difficult to find.