The Dixie Chicks Say Beyoncé Invited Them to Perform With Her at the CMAs, Not the Other Way Around

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In a tweet sent early Thursday morning, Natalie Maines revealed that the Dixie Chicks/Beyoncé joint performance of “Daddy Lessons” at last night’s CMA’s was all Beyoncé’s idea. The Chicks didn’t “bring” Beyoncé to the award show. They were invited by her.

Just hours after their performance, a fan tweeted at Maines, “Thank you for showing up at the CMAs! Thank you! Thank you for bringing Beyoncé!”

“Oh, Bee brought us,” Maines replied.

Until that point, I’d just assumed the pairing was developed by someone at the CMAs, or ABC, or maybe the four Texas women together. But nope! It appears to have gone something like this: Beyoncé was invited to perform the much-loved country song from her enormously popular new album, asked the CMAs if she could invite the Dixie Chicks, and the Dixie Chicks—despite not thinking they would ever perform at the CMAs again—said yes. (Imagine telling her no.)

Prince Harry allegedly made a “top-secret” visit to Suits star Meghan Markle’s home in Toronto recently, because (in case you haven’t heard the news) they’re totally in love and probably going to get married.

Writes Us Weekly:

With just one protection officer in tow, the 32-year-old royal kept a low profile as he caught a commercial flight to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on October 28 for a romantic trip to the Canadian city.

Skeptical of this report, I asked our resident Royal Family expert, Kelly Faircloth, if any of them would ever be caught dead flying commercial. To my surprise she said:

I think they take them occasionally. They have to be budget careful, because if he was flying back and forth private for his love life that would make a great ROYAL ROMANCE ON THE PUBLIC DOLLAR headline.

So maybe they are a real couple!

[Us Weekly]

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