This fall, in addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, Shonda Rhimes is launching the show. The Catch stars cutie Damon Dayoub. Additionally, a new light-eyed man named Kendrick Sampson will be seen over on HTGAWM, and a possible new McDreamy is coming to Grey’s Anatomy. As new beautiful men join Shonda’s horn of plenty of fineness, we at Jezebel decided it was time for a semi-comprehensive list of the hottest baes Shondaland has to offer.

Grain of salt: if ABC and Rhimes’ production relationship continues at this clip, she’ll be running all of their programing by 2017 and we’ll have to reconfigure this round-up. So without further ado (and before it’s obsolete), here is a list of Shondaland’s baes, ranked and curated on hotness, smart political commentary and shameless objectification. Sorry, mom.

JESSE WILLIAMS, THE G.O.A.T., as Jackson Avery
Grey’s Anatomy

As not only the prettiest man on this list, Jesse is the holy grail IRL because he’s handsome and whip smart. He’s knowledgable on the police state in America, how white supremacy works, who bell hooks is and probably why we have a love/hate relationship with her, and worked as a school teacher before his acting career took off. He also married his longtime girlfriend who is not an actress or socialite but an educator. The couple is adorable and we imagine their daughter is, too. Jesse’s place at the top of this list is inarguable; please don’t complain about it in the comments. Your arguments are futile, just look at his tumblr.

Eric Dane as Mark “McSteamy” Sloan
Grey’s Anatomy

Who knew a Ken doll in real life could be so attractive, especially when he was such a smug home wrecker? Who knew?

Billy Brown as Nate “That Back Doe” Leahy
How to Get Away With Murder

If you’re like us, you remembered Billy from Sons of Anarchy and didn’t think much of him outside of his talent to play a man about his business. But then Billy looked up from underneath Annalise Keating’s desk after giving her secret cunnilingus. And then he gave her some good loving against a wall in another episode where you saw all of the muscles in his back at work and you re-prioritized your feelings about him, right? Right.

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant

From the first time, we saw Olivia and Fitz stealing kisses in the Oval Office outside of the eye of the omnipresent surveillance cameras, it was hard not to throw your panties at Fitz. Or rather, watch as he peeled off Liv’s. He really seemed to yearn for and need her, you know? And then you remembered that he was married to Mellie, who was also fierce and you were torn. Ugh.

Scott Foley as Jake Ballard and Henry Burton
Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy

This one is pretty obvious, especially if you’ve been pining for Scott since before Felicity cut her hair and ruined that coming-of-age TV show. He’s got those eyes that seem to only look at you, even though you’re in the middle of a crowded room ... or watching his eyes from a TV at home. He’ll fight for you, he’ll lie for you and he’ll (almost) die for you while hoping you’ll join him in the sun. Scott is the consummate dude waiting in the wings.

Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino
How to Get Away With Murder

Brooding hot bad man, it works. Also, never shave your beard again Charlie. Never. Not ever.

Justin Chambers as Dr. Alex Kurev
Grey’s Anatomy

As my coworker Jessica Coen explains, Karev has been the “piece of meat” for most of his acting career; he played Massimo opposite Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner. He’s got to be on this list, even if he’s not as hot as Scott or Tony. Plus, we like our dudes cranky but lovable like Dr. Karev.

Benjamin Bratt as Dr. Jake Reilly
Private Practice

You thought we were going to omit Shonda’s weakest link, right? No. Because Benjamin Bratt is fine. Just look at photos of him, Benjamin could get it. Also, never forget.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette, Izzy’s hot dying boyfriend
Grey’s Anatomy

Denny was hot when Izzy first met him as even as his face became more and more ashen with his impending fictitious death. Then he returned to haunt Izzy and–somehow!—that was alright because he was so handsome.

Charles Michael Davis as Jason Myers
Grey’s Anatomy

His character was short lived but beautiful. - Kara Brown

Jason George as Dr. Ben Warren, Bailey’s husband
Grey’s Anatomy

I mean, he suffered through that terrible sitcom Eve, right? Let’s do him a solid here on this list (plus: his shirt).

Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins
How to Get Away With Murder

As Wes on HTGAM, it’s clear that Alfred is handsome. But, like, he was in the Harry Potter series as a teenager so objectifying him for his physical appearance feels a bit … wrong. Just us?

Taye Diggs as Dr. Samuel Bennett
Private Practice

Again, you thought we forgot? Nope, Taye must be on this list because one, he follows everyone on Twitter. So sweet. And two, he gave America the hot sweats in How Stella Got Her Groove Back despite his Rochester, New York-cum-Kinston, Jamaica accent. We forgive you Taye, we forgive you.

Matt McGorry* as Asher Millstone
How to Get Away With Murder

The * represents McGory’s hotness based on his wonderful views on feminism and social justice as well as how much hotter his character is on Orange Is the New Black, even though *spoiler alert* he is a dead beat dad.

Honorable Mentions

Chris Lowell* as Dell Parker
Private Practice

The * represents JKJKJK, Chris is hot. Slide in our DMs boo.

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh
How to Get Away With Murder

Guillermo Diaz as Huck*

The * represents that scene when Huck licked Quinn’s face and grossed us out.

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