The Deeply Normal, Non-Scandalous Reason Why Cardi B's Divorcing Offset

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You know that girl in your friend group who’s always fighting with her partner but won’t actually break up with them? Yes, me. Anyway, that’s no way to live, and it’s definitely not the sign of a healthy, functioning relationship in which both parties (slash all parties, Jezebel dot com is a pro-non-monogamy blog when I’m here on the weekends) are happy and fulfilled.


Cardi B apparently gets this, as it was apparently the reason why she and Offset filed for divorce this past week. In an Instagram Live on Friday, the rapper explained that it wasn’t cheating or anything truly tabloid-worthy that drove her and her husband of three years to end their marriage—she was simply “tired of fucking arguing.”

“I got tired of not seeing things eye to eye,” Cardi said, Us Weekly reports. “When you feel like it’s just not the same anymore, before you actually get cheated on, I’d rather just leave.”

“Nothing crazy out of this world happened,” she continued. “Sometimes people really do grow apart. I been with this man for four years. I have a kid with this man, I have a household with this man… Sometimes you’re just tired of the arguments and the build up. You get tired sometimes and before something happens, you leave.”

In case you missed it last week, a judge approved Lori Loughlin’s request to see her two-month prison sentence at a low-security prison super close to her Southern California home. In other words, a super-rich actress found guilty of using her immense wealth to game American institutions in her favor has once again found a way to game American institutions in her favor, serving time at the prison of her choice.

“[The prison] of her what?!” wrote LeBron James in an Instagram post about the news, per Hollywood Life. “I’m laughing ‘cause sometimes you have to just to stop from crying! Don’t make no damn sense to me. We just want the same treatment… Is that asking for too much?”

A number of other Black celebrities replied to the post, echoing the NBA player’s frustration over our systemically racist criminal justice system.


“Yeah, that sounds about white,” said 50 Cent. “I have never heard of that before. You going to jail, but pick any one you want to go to… This is so fucked up.”

“What?!” added Viola Davis. “Uh, is it punishment if you get to choose? Is she going to choose her meal program, too?!”


Former teammates of Cheer star Jerry Harris are speaking out following his arrest this week on child pornography charges, Us Weekly reports.


“Like most of you, I am shocked, dismayed and deeply saddened by the recent news concerning my friend,” wrote Gabi Butler in an Instagram post on Friday. “Ever since I heard the news I have gone back and forth between sobbing uncontrollably and trying to wrap my head around why something like this could happen.”

La’Darius Marshall sounded similar confused and upset in an Instagram post of his own later that day.


“I feel as though I have had the wind knocked out of me,” he wrote. “How could this happen? As a victim of sexual abuse as a child, I know all too well the pain of experiencing this type of abuse and the difficulties it can create for life after such trauma.”

“My heart goes out to all who may be affected by this behavior from adults,” Marshall added.


  • Kanye West [shakes Magic 8-Ball] peed on a [throws dart at dartboard of nouns] Grammy, and [pulls not super relevant celebrity name out of hat] A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys is mad. [TMZ]
  • In poverty news, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will likely only earn about $250-400,000 per speaking gig, far lower than the $1 million they were previously estimated to rake in. [Page Six]
  • Alicia Keys apparently almost gave “If I Ain’t Got You,” what has since become one of her signature songs, to Christina Aguilera! [Stereogum]


Little miss needs a new name

This might be an unpopular opinion...but do we really need Lori Loughlin to go to prison? It’s nice schadenfreude, but it’s not justice for anyone. Just make her pay a few million in scholarships and then if she refuses to do that she can go to prison.

*And for the record, I believe the same for most non-violent criminals.