The Dalai Lama Still Thinks a Woman Successor Would Need to Be Hot

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The Dalai Lama doesn’t think there’s much use for an unfuckable woman Buddhist leader.

When given the opportunity to backtrack on a 2015 interview in which he said a woman successor to his role would need to be “very attractive, otherwise not much usehe instead doubled down, according to Newsweek:

The BBC’s South Asia correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan asked the Dalai Lama if he understood why the response had offended women. But rather than apologize, the Buddhist leader replied: “If [a] female Dalai Lama comes then she should be more attractive.”

He added, “If [a] female Dalai Lama,” then paused and pulled an unattractive face, before continuing, “I think, [people would] prefer not [to] see her, that face.”


Vaidyanathan gave the Dalai Lama a second opportunity to stop spewing these words, asking if perhaps “character” is more important than the skin shells housing our consciousness, to which he replied, “Yes, I think both.”

He also had some thoughts on the “Europe is for Europeans” ideology he’s spoken about before:

“But [for the] whole [of] Europe [to] eventually become [a] Muslim country? Impossible. Or [an] African country, also impossible,” he added while laughing.

He still can’t stand Trump and thinks “America first” is bad policy, so at least we have that.

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I don't even know why women keep following religions, there's nothing for us in there.