Today we learned that stem cells are being used to create sperm. Our friend drunkexpatwriter is a wee bit ruffled by this news:


When women started going to the gym and were able to open their own jars, we said nothing.

When women started going to therapy to work out their issues and were no longer terrified of spiders, we said nothing.

When the economy shifted so that women could support themselves we said nothing.

When hardware stores started selling stools to women so they could reach high shelves we said nothing.

When strap-ons became more realistic we said nothing.

When porn became readily available and our arguments that we were "normal sized" lost their ring of truth we said nothing.

Now, our last remaining useful function, creating sperm, is about to be outsourced - who will speak for us?


Poor thing. Anyone have a manly cake for him?

Speaking of manly: Special Mention Comment Of The Day goes to beckysharper, for reminding us how cuddly bears can be.


And, because it's Friday, a shout-out to desertbloom, for a truly heavenly comment.


Congrats to all! Pick up your sashes, tiaras and trophies in the main lobby.

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