When I think of kids clothing retailer The Children's Place, I don't think of sexist Hot Topic for six-year-olds โ€” but apparently the brand has remolded its image in the form of Slutty Skipper.

Not all their stuff is bad โ€” for example, there's nothing wrong with being All About Glitter โ€” but when you start marketing garbage to little girls that's all DIAMONDS RULE, MATH DROOLS, you're officially a shitty company.

By contrast, their boys t-shirts are all about surfing and playing drums and being a superhero. They're by no means perfect, but they paint the picture of a pro-active kid putting himself out there and making things happen. If the company doesn't want to mix all the shirts together โ€”boys and girls basically have the same bodies at those ages, why can't they choose for themselves? โ€” then at least they could make some little ladies shirts with messages other than "OMFGYG LET'S GO GET DADDY'S WALLET TO BUY SEQUIN$$$!!!!11"

[h/t Jennifer]