The Cast of Jersey Shore Is Not Thrilled With Floribama Shore

Minor reality TV celebrity beef alert: the cast of Jersey Shore is apparently NOT very happy with MTV’s attempt at reinvigorating their precious franchise and they’re not gonna take it!!


Per Buzzfeed, news of Floribama Shore hit the cast of the original Jersey Shore franchise pretty hard. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino led the charge first, tweeting an original cast photo and writing “You heard the People @MTV just bring back the Real #JerseyShore RT if u agree.”

The “people” that the Sitch was referring to were his castmates, naturally, and the roughly 27,000 individuals who followed their faithful leader’s instructions, retweeting their agreement that yes, we need to see what the old gang is up to, now that they’re settled, married old farts with kids. In what Buzzfeed presents as the most damning news, every single member of the old cast retweeted the Situation—and the old cast of the franchise that MTV certainly owns was not consulted about this new iteration!!!

It’s not entirely clear to me why the old cast of Jersey Shore would be consulted in any capacity about a reboot of a franchise that has little to nothing to do with them, but that’s neither here nor there. The original cast of Jersey Shore is mad that the shiny youth of the Gulf Coast are going to steal their thunder by being dummies who maybe voted for Trump and love the beach and messy interpersonal relations.

According to the press release that accompanied the announcement of Floribama Shores, there have been other spinoffs based on the idea of shoving a bunch of beautiful idiots in a beach house and filming them for a summer—Geordie Shore in the UK, Acapulco Shore in Mexico, and Warsaw Shore in Poland all existed after Jersey, so take that, The Situation!


Listen—Floribama Shore might not be as “good” as the original Jersey Shore, because there’s very little that will be able to touch the magic of MTV reality television circa 2007. The Floribama teens will be shiny of hair and bleached of teeth, toned and taut, and ready to put a lifetime of lessons gleaned from watching other reality shows to use. There’s nothing to worry about, meatballs. The legacy of Jersey Shore lives on.

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

Forget this mess and just import Geordie Shore over from England. America doesn’t know what it’s missing.

(I love Charlotte so much.)