The Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Beef Is Back and Beefier Than Ever

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After almost a full month of relative peace for the first time since September 2017, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are back in the kitchen, turning their thawing beef into some hamburger patties with diss tracks, diss videos and using the talents of enemies of enemies as friends.


Last week, Minaj got this mess going again with a Cardi affront on the Tekashi 6ix9ine song, “MAMA.” She raps, accusing Cardi B of offering sexual favors to get ahead: “I was out in Spain rockin’ a Medusa head/I ain’t never have to give a rap producer head/If I do, though, I’ma write a book like Supahead/This ain’t wonder that I’m makin’, this that super bread/Splish, splash, fuck him in a hurry, quick, fast.” (Why Minaj continues to work with the alleged abuser is beyond anyone.) Wasting no time, Cardi responded in an Instagram Live video, telling her followers:

“Nah, I never fucked a deejay on God. I dealt with scammers. Drug dealers. I’ve dealt with some bum ass n*ggas but I never fucked me a deejay. I know what y’all gonna ask me and I addressed this a whole lot of times, ‘Didn’t you fuck Self?’ No, I never fucked Self. I never been in a relationship with Self. I never flirted with Self.”

The thing is—Minaj never mentioned a DJ?—but fans think the mention of “Spain” (Ibiza?) has something to do with it.

Minaj didn’t stop there! She dropped a video for her track “Good Form” featuring Lil Wayne and chose to hire sisters/video vixens/strip club bartenders Baddie Gi and Jade to star in it. The duo are currently preparing to sue Cardi, TMZ reports, after she allegedly ordered an attack on them in late August. Cardi accused Jade of sleeping with her husband, Migos’ Offset. Jade accused Cardi of hiring five people to jump her at Queens’ Angels Strip Club. They allegedly punched her, pulled her hair and hit her with an ashtray.

Both women claim that hours after the attack, Cardi B entered the club and threw a bottle at the pair of them, and they suffered injuries in the assault. She has denied the allegations.

Will Cardi respond to Nicki? Unless her lawyers say otherwise, it’s almost certain. You can only poke the bear for so long.

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Attacking a female artist in the industry about being a "slut" or using sexual favors to get ahead is so damn lazy. And also... So what if she did hook up with producers/DJs whatever? That doesn't mean it contributed to her success. I mean I'm no Cardi stan but Nicki hasn't put out good music in a minute. That Chun-Li shit was straight trash. Her old stuff was so fuckin good which makes it that much worse. Now this? Slut shaming.... On a track with a trash abuser?