Mere days after Queen B's 33rd birthday, controversy befalls the House of Dereon yet again! Beyoncé (or, more realistically, whoever takes Bey's Tumblr and Instagram photos) has been called out by Twitter for photoshopping an exaggerated thigh gap into a shot of her hanging out on a yacht off the coast of Italy.

Several apps exist that allow you to edit or warp images through your smart phone (Beauty Mirror, moreBeaute2 and Facetune are among the more popular), but — unless you're particularly skilled and slight of hand — they can be very hard to use and you'll often end up leaving visual clues that show that your photo was altered.

Case in point:

Notice how the line of the stairs between Bey's thighs doesn't match the line of the stairs on either side of her hips.


These warps are very common in hastily 'shopped photos and plenty of celebrities have been busted because of them before. (Beyoncé, allegedly, is a repeat offender.)

But maybe these stairs are just weird? Probably not. Take a look at the straight line of the step in the reflection on the wall.


Like it or not, there's only one real explanation for this: Beyoncé walks and the whole world bends for her.

Note that, despite this obvious answer, I did dig deeper and discovered a FAR MORE CONTROVERSIAL discrepancy in the image:



Images via Tumblr.