The Enigmatic Mystery of Beyoncé's Golf Thighs

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Beyoncé has been accused of photoshopping a larger thigh gap into one of her Instagram photos (SEE IMAGE ON THE LEFT). Photoshopping thigh gaps is one of America's favorite past times, but this case is a bit more dubious.


At The Frisky, it's noted that "the slight wavy unevenness and a certain sharpness where there should be a natural curve indicate that the clone stamp tool was probably used to whittle down Bey's thighs and butt area." Some people on Twitter agree. Hmmm. But, I don't know, her seemingly "slimmer" legs could just be the result of her standing in the Golf Squat position. I am not entirely convinced — lots of mysterious stuff goes on in the Golf Squat position.

Also, it's not as though Beyoncé runs her own Instagram (she's a very busy woman). She did not run off the golf course like, "Fire up the Photoshop, Jay, we've got some clone-stamping to do before I share this image with my many fans on Social Media!!" So there's that, too.

Anyway, if someone would like to option this investigation into True Detective Season 2, you can reach me on my work email. [The Frisky; images via Instagram]

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Selena Gomez just underwent a hallowed and long-honored Disney star tradition: that of firing one's parent-managers. Reportedly, she feels that she's "outgrown" her parents and would like a "seasoned professional manager with other A-list clients." But they all still love each other a lot, so that's good. [TMZ]

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are having the funnest and least awkward divorce ever. Says a source who witnessed their uncoupled state firsthand, "It was not the typical picture of a divorce. If the reports had not come out you would think, 'Wow, they are a perfect couple.'" V. quintessential Goop breakup, good work team. [E!]

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  • Jon Hamm says that the Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl ad makes him cry — WHICH GOES WITHOUT SAYING because it is a condition of humanity to cry at that ad. [Vh1]

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The trimmed edge of the green is also mysteriously absent JUST in the area between her legs. It's shopped (I do this for a living, so it was the first thing I looked for.)