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The Best of Robert Blake's Batshit Insane Interview With Piers Morgan

Did you know that Robert Blake is an intense individual who pitches movie ideas to Donald Duck for funding? Did you know that he can't afford to buy a hand job for a field mouse? Did you know that his nickname for Piers Morgan is "Charlie Potatoes"? All this and more was revealed when he sat down with Morgan last night for a very memorable interview during which he wore a cowboy hat and sleeveless shirt, thus solving your Halloween Costume dilemma this year. Promoting his book—which is about his 75-year career in showbiz, written in poetic verse—Blake got combative with Morgan several times, alternating between aggressive yelling and admitted boredom over the subject of his wife's murder.


Blake was accused and later acquitted of the 2001 murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakely, but was found liable of wrongful death at a civil trial, which ultimately left him bankrupt. He didn't cover this portion of his life in his book, so he was super pissed off that Morgan brought it up, and the interview became explosive. He's trying to position himself for a comeback, hoping to make at least one more film, that he believes will be the best performance of his life. However, it doesn't seem likely it will top the one he gave on Piers Morgan Tonight.

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Madeleine Davies

Charlie Potatoes. Charlie Potatoes forever.