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A banana predicts the gender of Kate Middleton’s baby
A banana predicts the gender of Kate Middleton’s baby
Screenshot: This Morning

Psychic Holly Willoughby appeared on Monday’s episode of the U.K’s This Morning to capitalize on baby mania for the newest addition to the royal family. Willoughby seems to be something of a prop psychic, predicting the assigned gender of Kate Middleton’s baby with a little help from a fruit.

If you cut off the tip of a banana, you will see either a dot, or a “Y” shape at the center. This is not a particularly useful banana characteristic unless you know how to read the signs, like Willoughby does. The Y means yes, the dot means no. There, now you can get your answers from the ‘nanner phone, too.

“We thought in these moments in our life, it is important to ask the banana the most important questions of the day,” says Willoughby. “Is she going to have a boy or a girl?”


The banana was right! Kensington Palace announced the delivery of a little boy. So, make fun of the psychic banana all you want, haters, it knows more of the world than you and it grew up inside a peel.

Willoughby is gloating a little:


What other truths has this banana told?!

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